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The Key Capabilities of Digital Enterprises Must Be Optimized in Conjunction with Their Connectivity

Release Date: 2021-11-12

Connectivity is currently needed and strengthened by many enterprises. So, how does connectivity increase the chances of success for digital enterprises?

As the pace of global digitization continues to accelerate, digital technology opens up new possibilities and higher customer expectations, such as the convenience of online shopping or streaming media services, forcing companies to increase their desire for connectivity. In fact, during the past few years, connectivity that started purely in the IT field has become a very precious organizational capability. It allows rapid delivery value and helps create an environment for innovation.

For any projects moving towards digitalization, companies should first need to be clear about the problems that can be solved through connectivity, and have the right to choose among the relevant steps. Unsuitable solutions may violate the company’s development plan and final business results. Therefore, many companies have been exploring and looking for customized solutions. If the enterprise’s business is mainly aimed at the mainland market, a data center location closer to the target market will be the first choice, because it shortens the data transmission distance with users, thereby meeting the demand for lower latency network.

However, at present, most companies have expanded their business scope to the world through digitalization, avoiding being locked in by a single market, which also brings more business development opportunities. However, balancing the service experience of distributed user groups will require higher connection deployment. Taiwan IDC, Varidata Limited focuses on one-stop services, such as Hong Kong server rental and hosting, Taiwan server rental and hosting, and global dedicated line networking. It integrates three networks directly connected to the mainland bandwidth and International Premium-level routing resources, intelligently adjusts the optimal path, enabling enterprises to obtain global interconnection capabilities to achieve broader business expansion.

An enterprise should also be cautious when working on the business of digital strategy and connectivity. For any organizations, this is not a short-term deployment, especially connectivity. When the needs of end users change, or the scale of enterprise business development, etc., it will likely cause varying degrees of demand for connectivity. This means that data center solutions that can support expansion and upgrade have obvious advantages, and can support enterprises to adjust resource allocation at any time when needed, which is also cost-effective.

However, capturing the scope of possible changes that will follow, requires the agility of the enterprise. Although the 24-hour on-site technical support team of Varidata can continuously monitor the enterprise’s dedicated network equipment, observe some signals that need to be upgraded in advance, and prevent some avoidable accidents or errors, but in order to ensure that the server selected by the enterprise can play the best role in its business operations, leaders should also pay attention to changes in demand in this regard, to release more digitalization potential.

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