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How Digital Transformation Affects the Transformation of Data Center Infrastructure

Release Date: 2021-11-12

The design pattern of the traditional data center has undergone great changes. The architectural and electrical principles of the data center can be realized in the past manuals and sketches. However, the design requirements of the current data center are capable of supporting current business needs. It also needs to meet the future digital environment. After the fast forward button is activated, at least 10 to 15 years later, the data center environment must work with cloud computing, big data, and a huge distribution of users, especially after the COVID-19 epidemic.

All walks of life are accelerating digital transformation and seeking technology to help them adapt to the new normal. Choosing the right data center is an important part of it. As mentioned earlier, from an enterprise perspective, the selected data center should also meet current and future business needs. This transformation is also a direct result of digital transformation. As the business development of enterprises is at a stage of dynamic changes, expandable data centers should be the first choice for most enterprises when deploying. These facilities also reflect cost-effectiveness and do not require enterprises to switch data center service providers during adjustments.

In addition to cost, a suitable data center should also be able to bring better connectivity to the enterprise. After experiencing this epidemic, companies have been able to discover how strong the market demand for online services is, and companies themselves can gain many advantages from digital deployment, such as responding to user problems faster, maintaining continuous business operations, and easily expanding their business to other countries or markets, etc. But all of these are based on better connectivity, because connectivity is the fundamental condition to ensure the transmission of data traffic.

When choosing a data center, the network resources inside the computer room have become an aspect that enterprises should focus on. Taiwan IDC, Varidata Limited manages and operates a number of Tier 3+ Hong Kong data centers and Taiwan data centers, access to three direct connections to the mainland, and international bandwidth from global Tier 1 network providers, aiming to enable enterprises to obtain connections with the ability of global interconnection, and with excellent network performance of low latency, low jump, and low packet loss, for the stable acceleration of enterprise business.

In addition, the amount of data storage is being driven by the surge in emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), big data, and the Internet of Things (IoT), which will continue to drive global data center investment. When looking at emerging solutions, such as edge, cloud computing, and new designs around colocation and hyper-scale ecosystems, the modernization of the data center solves many of the same problems and provides similar benefits, which also affects both sides of the traditional building and buying equation. When deciding to build, data center methods and products have huge advantages and can make data center ownership very attractive. Many vendors provide their customers with a data center approach, using concepts such as modularity without investing money.

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