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How to Hide the Real IP of a Server?

Release Date: 2024-01-26

Hide Server IP

In the current context of increasingly frequent network attacks, hiding the real IP address of servers has become especially important. Once attackers obtain the real IP address of a server, it may suffer from a variety of network attacks such as DDoS, severely affecting the normal operation of services. Therefore, this article will provide you with a series of practical methods to hide your server’s IP, thereby enhancing your network security.

Using CDN to Hide IP

Content Delivery Networks (CDN) are one of the effective ways to hide the real IP of a server. CDNs use distributed storage, load balancing, network request redirection, and content management technologies to efficiently provide content services to users around the globe. With a CDN, user requests are redirected to the nearest cache server, rather than the origin server, thus the real IP of the source server is not exposed to the outside world. However, CDNs also have certain limitations, such as regional restrictions and content update delays. Therefore, when using a CDN, these factors need to be considered comprehensively to ensure the continuity and timeliness of the service.

Utilizing High-Defense IP Strategies

High-defense IP services use two or more single-line servers with high-security protection capabilities as port mapping springboards to hide the real server IP behind them. These high-defense single-line servers can withstand a large volume of attack traffic, ensuring that the origin server’s IP address is not directly exposed to attackers. This method is more secure compared to CDN, because even in the case of a large-scale DDoS attack, the attack traffic is only targeting the high-defense server and cannot directly affect the origin server.

Email Proxy Services

When transmitting emails, the server’s IP address can easily be leaked. To prevent this, third-party email proxy services can be used to send emails. In this way, the IP address seen by the recipient will be that of the email proxy server, not the actual server address, effectively hiding the IP information of the origin server.

Choosing the Right Service Provider

Choosing a service provider that offers professional technical support and high-protection capabilities is also key. Excellent service providers, such as Varidata, usually provide 7×24 hour technical support and have advanced distributed storage technology and optimized algorithms. In addition, independent IP and dedicated bandwidth resources ensure the stability and security of the server, so that it is not affected by other users and is better able to withstand network attacks.


Hiding the real IP address of a server is a comprehensive task that requires a combination of different technologies and strategies. Whether using CDN, high-defense IP services, or email proxy services, choices should be made based on one’s own business needs and security budget. At the same time, choosing a reliable service provider can provide further guarantees for the security of a server. Through these methods, we can effectively defend against DDoS attacks and ensure the stable operation of network services.

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