CHIEF Data Center in Taiwan

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Taiwan CHIEF Data Center

Strategically nestled in Taipei’s Neihu District, Varidata’s CHIEF data center spans over 33,000 square meters, offering a prime location coupled with comprehensive data center services. By adhering to international service standards and boasting multiple ISO and DCOS certifications, we ensure dependable IDC services for our customers

Introduction of the Taiwan CHIEF Data Center

Our CHIEF facility is not just a data center; it’s a connectivity powerhouse. Its superior location has established it as a nexus for both domestic and international bandwidth resources, fostering robust partnerships with major telecom operators and exchange hubs. These include Chunghwa Telecom, Asia Pacific Telecom, Far EasTone, Taiwan Fixed Network, China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom, Cogent, and key internet exchanges such as TWIX, TPIX, JPIX, SGIX, and HKIX.

Location Feature

Carrier-Neutral Data Center
Expertly engineered to meet stringent international IDC standards, Varidata’s Taiwan CHIEF data center delivers unparalleled reliability with a robust SLA ensuring top-tier performance and client peace of mind.
Regional Network Gateway
Positioned at the nexus of Asia’s networking core, our facility offers seamless integration of major submarine cables, providing rapid switching, redundancy, and cost-effective connectivity with minimal latency for superior global reach.
Networking Hub
Taiwan CHIEF stands as a premier networking epicenter, fostering extensive partnerships with global and local telecom and tech giants to offer a rich array of connectivity and advanced IT solutions to power your business growth.
Stable Operations
Our commitment to stability is unwavering, with a fully redundant infrastructure, continuous power and HVAC systems, backed by prestigious ISO certifications(27001、27011、27017、27018) and DCOS-4 accreditation for the highest levels of security and operational dependability.
Robust Network Infrastructure
Featuring a state-of-the-art fiber optic network that spans continents, the CHIEF data center connects key metropolitan areas across Asia (including the CHIEF campus, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Singapore) with major international hubs.
24/7 Service
Diligence defines our operations; with an ever-vigilant NOC and security team on duty 24/7/365, we ensure meticulous oversight, swift maintenance, and support to keep your infrastructure secure and perpetually online.


Dual Feed
UPS Redundancy
Generator Backup
Reliable dual utility power supply ensures consistent service
N+1 UPS design for continuous power without interruptions
Triple 1500KW diesel generators for full-scale emergency power


Precision Climate ControlDown-flow air conditioning maintains exact temperature and humidity.
Cooling RedundancyN+1 redundancy in cooling systems guarantees constant operation.


Smoke DetectionAdvanced VESDA system for early smoke detection and response.
Fire SuppressionEffective FM200 gas-based system for quick fire extinguishing.


Continuous Surveillance24/7 on-site security personnel and patrol for maximum safety.
Access ControlSecure magnetic card induction doors prevent unauthorized entry.
Biometric SecurityHigh-tech fingerprint identification system for enhanced protection.


Always-On SupportDedicated 24/7 IDC service team for uninterrupted assistance.
Accredited ExcellenceComprehensive certifications (ISO 27001, etc.) ensure superior quality.
Environmental MonitoringFull environmental control systems for optimal facility management.

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