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How DDoS Attacks Impact Businesses?

Nothing is functioning properly

A DDoS attack is a type of cyber-attack where multiple computers, often infected with malware, are used to flood a website or service with too much traffic. This can cause the website to slow down or become unavailable to legitimate users.

Businesses and organisations that are impacted by a hack have to deal with far-reaching impacts on their reputations. Customers, partners, and investors may distance themselves from the affected company, and winning back trust can take quite a while.

If an online shop or website goes offline, the company can quickly start to lose money as orders and requests can’t be processed. In the worst-case scenario, customers can be tempted away by competitors. Moreover, getting back on your feet after such an attack quickly racks up costs, meaning the effects can be felt long after the website or shop is back online.

More often than not, hackers combine DDoS with other types of cyberattacks. The DDoS attack is used as a distraction tactic, so while IT is focused on that, the attackers can infiltrate the IT infrastructure with malware and steal sensitive data.

How Varidata Protects Your Data?

Ensure a seamless stream of valuable information

As a leading anti-DDoS service provider, we are committed to being your trusted partner in safeguarding your website from DDoS attacks. We recognize the critical role that your website plays in maintaining a seamless flow of valuable information to your clients, and our mission is to ensure that it is always available and secure.

Varidata DDoS Protect offers 1Tbps+ of DDoS mitigation detection and prevention. It prevents DDoS attacks by analyzing incoming traffic and identifying patterns that indicate an attack.

AI, ML and IoT are all being used to increase the destructive power of DDoS attacks, but they can also enhance Anti-power. Based on recognized attack bases and experienced settings, a well-trained model is available now.

Our NOC and network support are on duty 24/7 and our employees are experienced enough to detect and isolate attacks quickly and know the right steps to restore a fully operational service.


ON-demand Mode
Always-on” and “On-demand” are two opposite terms referring to DDoS mitigation cloud services. In an “Always-on” deployment, the service or network is constantly being protected by the DDoS mitigation service. In contrast, in an “On-demand” deployment, there is no protection most of the time, and the DDoS mitigation layer is only inserted under a DDoS attack or severe threat.
Without service architecture change


Automated diversion
Over 1Tbps mitigation capacity

Protection Resource

VIP IP address for Anti-DDoS use
Secure data around the clock


Defence on demand
99.99% SLA and 0 packet loss

Network Latency

Better performance accessing mainland China


Choose Varidata for complete and effective DDoS protection against various types of DDoS attacks, ranging from volumetric to complex application-layer attacks. Rest assured that your assets are safeguarded by Varidata Security’s purpose-built DDoS protection network with over 1 Tbps capacity, low latency, and DDoS-specific protections. The service offers multiple automation options for quick mitigation action and seamless integration into your operational workflow.
Experience seamless and automated DDoS mitigation with Varidata DDoS Protect’s native integration with popular on-premises DDoS appliances such as Arbor. Easily transfer traffic from your premises to the cloud with BGP and API-based integration options, ensuring hassle-free integration with any existing on-premises solutions.
With Varidata DDoS Protect, you can ensure reliable and consistent DDoS protection for all of your assets, whether they are in the cloud or on a dedicated server. Varidata Security Services offers round-the-clock security, allowing you to effortlessly move your backend resources while providing a seamless experience to your customers.
Managed by Varidata SOC 24×7; rule-set updates, upgrades and patches delivered automatically

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