Cloud Server

Configure your Cloud Server and pay only for the resources you need

Cloud Server

Configure your Cloud Server and pay only for the resources you need

Storage-Optimized Cloud Server

Storage Optimized Cloud Server are designed for workloads that require high, sequential read and write access to very large data sets on local storage. They are optimized to ensure the best disk throughput performance from your instance and well suited for NoSQL databases, indexing, streaming, caching, warm storage

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Cloud Server Coupons
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SSH Secure
Direct China
with CN2 Route
Ready in MinutesSeamless Upgrades
Distributed Mass StorageTailored
Firewall Security

SSH Secure

Direct China
with CN2 Route

in Minutes


Distributed Mass Storage

Firewall Security

Bandwidth Routing
Search Configure

Instant Deployment

Deploy and manage your OpenStack instances on our intuitive Cloud Server dashboard

Customized Packages
No matter compute, memory or storage-bound applications, these Cloud Server provide different options for combining CPU, RAM, and SSD resources to fit your needs
Reduntant Network
Cloud Server instances offer flexible network configurations to support the low-latency needs of mainland China, international
Deployment in 10 min
Easy registration process during ordering. Pay what you want and renew your affordable server with automated billing system

Scale with Open, Flexible Technology

Spin up a new instance with your preferred operating system or pre-installed application in just minutes.

Carrier Routes & IX

Scale with Open, Flexible Technology

Operation System

Carriers & IX

Low-latency BGP Network

Easily scale a low latency network solution to Mainland China and International Regions

Developers Trust

Accelerate innvoation with simple, affordable, and accessible Cloud
Server solutions and services. See why developers around the world trust Varidata

Easy User Journey
Self-service ordering system automatically completes deployment, no need to wait for permission and payment confirmation process
Utilizing a redundant architecture and intelligent BGP routing, the Varidata core network intelligently routes around disruptive network activity in an effort to provide high performance connectivity.
Scale up the Cloud Server without downtime to accommodate your agile business needs
Dashboard managing
Managed and monitor your cloud server resources and performance with with few clicks on customer portal
A wide range options offer more possibility to your business during cloud journey

Powerful Add-on

Configure your scalable Cloud Server to be more flexible

Snapshot is a copy of your entire server that let you resume to an exact time in the past. Our snapshot system can be used to create copies of existing servers and automate deployments.

You can combine firewall rules (based on source & destination IP addresses, ports and protocols) into security groups and apply those groups into your servers. If so, it will propagate to your servers instantly and the denied traffic won’t even show up to your servers’ network interfaces.

You can now increase the size of your Block and Boot Volumes without affecting your running application

Users initialized and controlled interactive processes through the web console on Linux, and controlled remote Windows desktops with fluent operation.

Tier3+ Data Center

Cloud Server servers are located at Tier 3+ data center in Hong Kong, ensuring a secure and stable environment.

Best-in-class Hardware

The lates generation Dell server designed to provide isolated regional VPCs for your applications.

Ready to Use

With straightforward and affordable pricing, you will pre-configure operating systems and scale up that are all ready to use.

Distributed Mass Storage

The data is distributed across multiple servers and has intrinsic redundancy by storing the data multiple times (data replication). By ensuring that copies of the data are stored on different hardware components, no data is lost in case a hardware component fails.

Incredibly Secure

Thanks to our distributed storage architecture, no single server contains enough contiguous data to be useful to a thief. And even in those cases, the data slices are well protected by strong encryption.

Client Management

Varidata’s Easy-to-use interface allows you to deploy and deply servers with self-management, like hard reboot, rebuild system, security setting……


A Cloud Server is a virtual private server that you may use to host your website, development environment, or staging environment. You can get full control of its own operating system (OS) and applications, as well as its own portion of the server’s resources (memory, compute, etc.). It falls midway between multi-tenant shared hosting and single-tenant dedicated hosting in terms of performance, flexibility, and control.

This would be the best choice for you if your projects are likely to grow in the future. You can add resources (RAM, disk space, vCores) to your virtual server by upgrading your plan anytime. In comparison to a dedicated server, the Cloud Server provides great performance in a lower cost, since you only have to pay for the resources you need.

You may install whatever you wish as long as it is not illegal software and does not damage our servers.

With the elegant use of regions and default projects, our Cloud Server is meant to make managing instances, security, and resources easier. Users can access their instances quickly with the public SSH Key associated with the instance in the launch phase. instance actions such as start, pause, restart, and stop can be carried out through the Cloud Server control panel.

Yes, you can terminate the service anytime. You are not bound to pay for more than one month in advance, so you can cancel when you want.

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