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Why Is The Price of Hong Kong High Bandwidth Servers So Big?

Release Date: 2021-12-07

It is good to combine the Hong Kong Server and High Bandwidth together. In addition to the basic advantages of free ICP licenses and better connection, the benefits of high bandwidth server are also obvious, such as fast transmission speed, high stability, better user experience…especially in the era of high popularity of streaming. Whether it is capacity or quality, user demand for bandwidth is getting higher and higher.

The high bandwidth here refers to the international bandwidth, which is different from the CN2 we mentioned before. Users who choose a high bandwidth server always fancy two main points. Firstly, high bandwidth allows the website or application platform to absorb more traffic. That is to say, if a website is optimized properly, then the influx of many users will get the extremely fast loading time, which greatly improves the user experience.

However, the high bandwidth provides by the various providers is quite different, because it is not only related to the data center and telecom operators selected by, but also related to the bandwidth capacity the users pick. To give a simple example, if there is only 1 lane in a tunnel, only 10 vehicles can pass through at the same time. When one of the vehicles fails, the entire tunnel will be severely congested immediately. If it is still that kind of ultra-long truck, the response time will become slow. But, if the tunnel can be expanded to 4 tunnels, not only more vehicles can pass through at the same time, but also the tunnel system can easily cope with traffic.

So what are the advantages of Varidata’s Hong Kong High Bandwidth Server? First of all, we have cooperated with 10 or more international Tier 1 telecom operators and selected multiple high-quality resources. Both line quality and redundancy are guaranteed. Secondly, because there are many redundant routes from various operators, the overall network redundancy is very sufficient, and there is no need to worry about downtime due to high traffic or attacks. Then, Plenty of bandwidth options, from 100Mbps to 1Gbps, can be provided by us, and Varidata’s Hong Kong G-portal Server will not restrict transfer and other settings. At last, user can apply for a 2-day free trail service to get the true experience of Hong Kong High Bandwidth Server.

Generally speaking, the higher the server configurates, the higher the price need to pay. However, in order to attract users to purchase at unreasonably low prices, some server providers have tried hard to save on hardware and bandwidth, which makes the final user experience very different. Therefore, users are often confused as to why the same Hong Kong High Bandwidth Server has the same core memory, hard disk and so on, but the price is quite different. Therefore, Varidata reminds you again that you must test the server carefully, or you may be penny wise and pound foolish.

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