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What Is the Hong Kong CN2 Server? How To Distinguish the Route?

Release Date: 2021-12-07

The Hong Kong CN2 Server has always been one of Varidata’s best-selling products. With the excellent network connection and low latency, it has attracted many users who target the Mainland China Market.

However, due to the high popularity of Hong Kong CN2 Server, almost every server provider can provide, which lead to a high degree of homogeneity of this kind of products in the server market. To differentiate major providers from the various competitors and meet the needs of more consumers, the Hong Kong CN2 Servers can be gradually developed into the three categories.

The first one is the Pure CN2 Server. As the name implies, the server only connects to the CN2 Routes. Among them, the performance of GIA is the best. But if the user wants to pursue the extremely high stability and uptime, only one route cannot be satisfied. For example, a truck driver who delivers goods and chooses the expressway is definitely the fastest, but in the unlikely event that certain conditions on the expressway make normal traffic temporarily impossible, he can only stop at the toll gate.

The second is the CN2 combines with the international routes. This kind of route depends greatly on the service providers, which is related to product positioning and the input costs. Customers can ask the service provider to give test IP or test machines before purchasing, to conduct different periods of delay and packet loss tests, and to check the stability and speed of the network. But it needs to be reminded that although international routes can also be connected to the mainland, the delay and speed cannot be compared with the private network facing the Mainland.

The third is the CN2 mixed with other mainland routes. The mainland routes here generally refer to the routes from the mainland to Hong Kong of the three operators, including the China Telecom, China Unicom, and China Mobile. However, because each service provider has different bandwidth redundancy and service levels, it means that there are different performance we will see.

The Hong Kong CN2 Server of Varidata belongs to the third type, using the CN2-GIA and also matches the direct route from the mainland to Hong Kong of the three major telecom operators. Then it realizes the optimal path adjustment through the BGP protocol, and provides the fastest connection. So why do you need such a combination?  The reason is also very simple. The powerful performance of CN2-GIA alone is not enough, because a route will not always be normal. Therefore, we have added high-quality direct connection routes from different operators, so that the network that users access are in a redundant and optional state. What is more, when there is a situation on the network, the system will automatically help to choose the route with the best current performance, reducing the trouble in switching routes or adjusting strategies. It is necessary for uninterrupted online businesses, such as games or live streaming.

At last, as Varidata said before, test the truth. We will truthfully introduce Hong Kong CN2 Server to you. In fact, we can also provide you to apply for the test server, to see whether the server can meet your real demand.

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