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How to Keep Your Hong Kong Dedicated Server Secure in 2022

Release Date: 2021-10-26

Hong Kong Dedicated Server is an increasingly popular choice for many corporate and SME businesses in Hong Kong. If your company owns a dedicated server then it is important that you keep it as secure as possible. Under most cases, things that make a dedicated server vulnerable to cyber-attacks are actually very simple to prevent. Here are some of our suggested solutions to enhance your Hong Kong Dedicated Server security:

1. Encrypt Your Dedicated Server

In order to ensure that the traffic between your dedicated server and computer is encrypted, one good way to accomplish this is to use TLS protected interfaces. This provides a layer of security that makes it more difficult for cybercriminals to hack your login info, while stolen logins give them the ability to execute attacks on your server.

2. Use A Strong, Complex Password

The best solution to protect against that first wave of cyber-security threat is with strong, complex passwords. Short passwords are easier to crack and leave your Hong Kong Dedicated Server wide open to attack. Ideally, your dedicated server admin password should have a number and a random symbol with both upper and lower case letters for top security.

3. Update Your Default Access Port Settings

One common tactic online hackers would use to access your dedicated server is scanning for open default ports within its set-up. Once they discovered an open default port, it will give them a direct connection to your server. Check out what the default remote access port is for the system your server is running on and make sure you would change it. This will stop hackers from using the commonly known default port to get remote access to your Dedicated Server.

4. Enable your Dedicated Server Firewall

It is important to enable your Dedicated Server’s firewall to deny any unauthorized traffic to your dedicated server. Going into the firewall’s configuration allows you to remove unnecessary software that is connected to the Internet, which will make your dedicated server and its ports vulnerable to intrusion.


Let Varidata Help

If you need further advice on Hong Kong Dedicated Servers, then let us help. We can provide and set-up your own Hong Kong Dedicated Servers to ensure they are as secure as possible. Please feel free to drop us a message online or give us a phone call to chat further.

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