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Varidata’s New Website Is Now Live!

Release Date: 2021-10-21

Our new and refreshed website is now live! The revamped website is a complete overhaul on our previous version and includes significant changes to content and dedicated server hosting offerings located in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and America. In addition, with new drop down menus, imageries and other user-friendly functionality added, we really hope this could improve the customer experience on our website.

When we started the project our main goal was to provide IT/Industry-related information regarding our thought leadership, products/services and trends easily accessible for our current and prospective clients. We strive to provide them with the most secure, up-to-date hosting solutions and share our knowledge and expertise in the field of dedicated server hosting, colocation and point-to-point network.

Our dedicated server hosting offerings has enhanced its portfolio from Hong Kong and Taiwan Dedicated Server Plans to Japan and America Dedicated Server options. The dedicated server hosting offerings of the company has also moved from the one-plan-fits-all to various solutions, including the Web & Email, Gaming, Streaming, E-Commerce and Finance plans that target needs of various customers, from start-up websites to advanced geeky users, in a more professional manner.

Moreover, our existing and prospective clients will find useful information about our services on the product pages, that highlight the region’s advantage and what’s the point of Varidata service around the world. We have completed and outline how we have designed growth and created new value for our clients across a myriad of industries.

We will be constantly updating our content with useful information, company announcements and clients’ successful stories in our Blog, News and Knowledge-base sections. You are kindly reminded to regularly visit our website for updates.

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