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What is the difference between BGP and CN2 routes for Hong Kong server? Which one is faster?

Release Date: 2022-05-05

What is the difference between BGP and CN2 routes? When we rent a dedicated server in Hong Kong, there are many different routes to choose from different hosting providers. Some people may be confused about BGP and CN2 routes and wondered which one is faster. In this article, we are going to introduce them briefly.

1. What does BGP mean

Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) is the postal service of the Internet. When someone sends a letter into the mailbox, the Postal Service processes the mail and chooses a fast, efficient route to deliver the letter to the recipient. Likewise, when someone sends data over the Internet, BGP is responsible for finding all available paths through which the data can travel and choosing the best route, which usually means hopping between autonomous systems (ASs).

2. What is Hong Kong BGP Route

Hong Kong BGP route is just a general term. It is a sufficient but not essential condition for a stable and fast network. Some hosting providers offer China Mobile + China Unicom. Some provide PCCW + NTT, while some other provide China Telecom + China Mobile. The network combination varies based on different brands and business considerations. Let’s take Varidata Hong Kong Server as an example. We have direct access to China Unicom, China Telecom, and China Mobile network simultaneously in mainland China. Dual path of communication is adopted in order to ensure network stability. When encountering network congestion or attacks, there is sufficient bandwidth to avoid downtime or high packet loss to the greatest extent. Moreover, with China Telecom CN2-GIA low-load network, Varidata offers ultra fast direct connection between Hong Kong and mainland China. The latency etween Hong Kong and the Guangdong area can be as low as 10MS.

At present, BGP routing is very common in Hong Kong data centers. You need to carefully test and observe the network performance of different service providers.

3. What is Hong Kong CN2 Route

Hong Kong CN2 routes refer to China Telecome Next Generation Network (CNCN), aslo known as CN2. It belongs to high-quality Internet technology business of China Telecom. CN2 is divided into GT and GIA 2 grades, one-way CN2 and two-way CN2. CN2-GIA is the premium service of CN2. The network access performance of major cities in mainland China is very good. Whether it is node delay or peak hour performance, the speed is higher than GT. For one-way CN2 and two-way CN2, they are pretty much self-explained. As CN2-GIA may fail or need adjustment sometimes, it is not necessarily the best path all the time. Thus, the redundant network structure of Varidata we mentioned earlier can slove this problem perfectly.

So in a nutshell, as a webmaster, how should you choose the BGP route and the CN2 route? If your customers are mainly in mainland China, it is recommended to choose a Hong Kong server that connects to BGP and CN2 at the same time to achieve a fast and stable network experience. If your visitors are mainly from abroad, you only need to connect to a Hong Kong server with a BGP routing and a large international bandwidth.

To sum up, BGP and CN2 are two different concepts. BGP routing switches between different networks, while CN2 is an optimized dedicated line for connection between mainland China and overseas regions. Therefore, the specific choice of Hong Kong server depends on the your major customers.

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