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Hong Kong Server Purchase Guide: Are There Options Without the Need for Filing?

Release Date: 2023-12-15

In today’s rapidly developing internet era, setting up an efficient and reliable website has become increasingly important for businesses and individuals. The choice of server directly affects the quality of website operation and user experience. Many people, when choosing a server, turn their attention to servers in Hong Kong. This article will discuss the advantages of Hong Kong servers and related considerations, and compare the filing requirements of foreign servers, to help users make better decisions.

Advantages of Hong Kong Servers: No Need for Filing

One of the most attractive features of purchasing a Hong Kong server is its policy of no need for filing. In Mainland China, whether it is a personal website or a commercial website, there is usually a cumbersome filing process that must be completed before the site can be launched. This process can be both time-consuming and complex. However, choosing a Hong Kong server eliminates this step, and whether it’s a virtual host or a cloud host, it can be put into use immediately. This convenience significantly reduces the preparation time for website launch, allowing webmasters to focus more quickly on website content and user experience.

Domain Name Real-Name Verification Requirements

Although Hong Kong servers do not require filing, this does not mean that all regulatory processes can be ignored. Depending on the domain name service provider, using a Hong Kong server may require completion of domain name real-name verification. Especially for domestic domain name service providers, domains that have not completed real-name verification may not resolve properly to Hong Kong servers, thereby affecting the normal operation of the website. However, if the domain name is registered through an overseas domain name service provider, this step can often be bypassed. This difference requires webmasters to carefully consider when choosing a domain name service provider to ensure that the website can be successfully launched and operated.

Website Content Compliance

Exemption from filing does not mean that there is no regulation. When using a Hong Kong server, webmasters still need to ensure that the content of the website is compliant. Any illegal or non-compliant content may bring unnecessary legal risks to the website. Therefore, although the supervision of Hong Kong servers is relatively lax, webmasters must self-regulate and avoid posting any information that might lead to legal issues.

Choice of Overseas Servers

In addition to Hong Kong servers, other overseas servers also offer the convenience of no need for filing, especially servers in locations such as the United States, Japan, or Taiwan, which can also enjoy the exemption from filing. Such overseas server choices provide webmasters with a wider range of options, and based on the audience, content, and operation strategy of the website, the most suitable server location can be selected.

How to Purchase Hong Kong Servers

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