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Encourage The Storage of Daily Necessities. Can ‘Network’ Be Continuous?

Release Date: 2021-11-17

Under the repeated fluctuations of the epidemic, the global market supply is facing a series of challenges, and the Ministry of Commerce of our country recently proposed to encourage families to store daily necessities to meet the daily and emergent needs. However, the scope of necessities has long been limited to eating and drinking. Since the world is a whole community formed by the Internet, the Internet has also become one of the necessities as defined by many users.

In fact, most users have realized the key to maintaining network continuity. They keep in touch with home and work through the use of network connections, and at the same time, they can also have entertainment experiences, such as games and videos. In these various network-based platforms and services, any stagnation may cause many impacts and bad experiences. Especially for companies deploying online services, ensuring continuous online services and lower network latency, has also become the main competitiveness of their business development. When users cannot tolerate buffers and delays, they will leave the corporate platform and choose similar platform services.

So, can the network be continuous? At present, most enterprises’ online business deployment starts with server configuration. This kind of special equipment loads data with higher data processing capabilities. The main workplace of the server is the data center, which means that in addition to the hardware quality of the server itself, which may have an impact on network connectivity, the environment and facilities of the data center are also important factors for stabilizing the network. Taiwan IDC, Varidata Limited has focused on dedicated server services for years, and has cooperated with a number of brand server suppliers, trying to avoid the uncertainty caused by the server hardware itself.

Data centers are mainly composed of electricity, cooling, fire protection, security, and networks. Only when all aspects are properly configured can the data center continue to operate. Regardless of the company’s digital plan, a data center that meets the standards should be selected as a long-term partner to provide support and services for the company’s business at any time, and ultimately assure its users’ access fluency and good experience.

In this process, redundancy and disaster recovery solutions are worth noting, because there is no promise of 100% continuation of the network, so the data center needs more consideration.

For example, when an unpredictable natural disaster occurs in the area of ​​the data center, the daily power supply lines and power supply system of the data center may be blocked. At this time, if there is a backup generator inside the data center, it will be able to maintain data center operations in similar emergency situations. Varidata manages and operates a number of data centers in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and America. All computer room hardware is guaranteed to be redundant, and it can provide multiple data backup and data recovery options. It is committed to providing support for enterprises’ online business deployment and assisting their global business expansion.

The network now plays a key role in every corner. As users become more and more dependent on digital products and services, it is necessary to consider connectivity and data centers in advance to make enterprises and users more at ease.

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