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Four Advantages of Hong Kong High Bandwidth Server

Release Date: 2022-08-23

We are all aware that many powerful Hong Kong data centers have provided high-bandwidth servers in order to facilitate webmasters to deploy websites and enhance user experience. Although most of them claim to be dedicated high-bandwidth, there are many international routes and detours, which are vulnerable to network fluctuations. Therefore, if the website traffic mainly comes from mainland China, it is recommended to choose a Hong Kong high-bandwidth server with direct connection. Here is a quick rundown of the benefits of getting a high-bandwidth server in Hong Kong.

1.More visitors can browse your website at once

Experienced webmasters who have built many websites know that network bandwidth impacts both website speed and the number of online users. There are many industries with specific requirements on the network bandwidth of Hong Kong servers, including online gaming and video streaming. Getting a high-bandwidth server in Hong Kong with a direct connection can allow the deployment of extra features as well as more site visitors online. If you detect a cyber-attack in time, your website will not go offline right away. As a result, the Hong Kong high-bandwidth server has superior network stability than a standard dedicated server.

2.Higher scalability

The demand for website resources will rise along with the number of visitors. Many data centers offer hardware upgrades like memory and hard disk expansion in addition to bandwidth upgrades. For critical missions, businesses may require some customization such as RAID support or load balancing and distributed computing architecture. With a Hong Kong high bandwidth server, you can guarantee the long-term growth of the website without requiring periodic website migration.

3.More reliable service

Data centers in Hong Kong that offer direct connections with high bandwidth are typically professional, reputable service providers. The services offered by these data centers are typically available around-the-clock. Businesses can remotely monitor their servers and alert users in case of a cyberattack or hardware failure. If the users find that the website is down and they need assistance, they can contact the technical support team by email, support ticket or live chat, which is more flexible.

If you need to rent a Hong Kong server with high bandwidth, you can consider Varidata. Varidata provides dedicated high-bandwidth server services that are suitable for various business deployments.


Price is a significant consideration when buying high bandwidth servers in Hong Kong because the network bandwidth is scarce and hence quite expensive. Here, we advise you to select the bandwidth in accordance with the actual usage requirements of the website. After all, the cost of bandwidth for a Hong Kong dedicated server varies significantly between 50Mbps and 100Mbps.

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